Laptop differ from the Desktop in the following ways:

Power supply: desktop computers can be connected to a power outlet of the wall (AC power supply), laptops with an AC adapter. But, how a laptop differs from a desktop is that it is portable because the batteries that power laptop computers. The rechargeable batteries, lithium, nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride.

Display: Also like desktops, laptops, a type of LCD screen. Modern laptop computers have 800 x 600 pixel resolution. This gives you a very good screen and anything less should be avoided.

Input devices: On a desktop computer, you usually have a mouse and a keyboard to enter data and to navigate. With laptops keyboards are built in, but since you don’t have to be portable, so that, a mouse. Instead, you have one of the three input devices in place of the mouse. A ball, rotating the ball allows you to move the cursor. A trackpoint allows you to slide your finger on the point, to move the cursor. Finally, a portable computer has a touch screen, move your finger, the cursor moves.

The docking Connections: Many laptops come with a docking connection to make it more comfortable on a Desktop. You just connect your laptop and use it as a desktop background. The docking station comes with many peripheral devices: full size computer monitor, the size of the keyboard and mouse, disk drives, printers.

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