The data of your company, can be your most important resource. Imagine a large company with millions of dollars of accounts receivable and payable the details of your network. A fire led to the massive loss of data. How much work would be needed to re-create the data lost? Without backups, the company may not have the disaster of survival.

Choosing a backup media is important, but in this article I will focus on the creation of a plan for the type and frequency of backups. We start from the premise that the use of some types of backup tape media.

If your company has only a small amount of data, you may be able to make a backup every night. You will need two tapes that were in the case of the last full backup turns out to be defective. At least you have a previous to go back. It would be destroyed, you store the tapes in a safe place, to not be in the same situation that destroys the original data.

If you perform a full backup, every file that you bake in the oven until the “archive” attribute in its file properties set to zero.

The file attribute is stored a flag for each file that has been created or changed. Indicates that the file should be archived. Backup programs can reduce the size of the backups save only the files that have changed since the last backup. If the file is saved, copied on a leaf or backup incremental, the archive bit.

In Windows, you can the menu of the archive file attribute by right clicking on the file in Windows Explorer and select “properties” from the pop-up window. In the “properties” dialog box, click on the button “Advanced…”.

If your company has a large amount of data, it would be too long to perform a backup each night. Instead, you should nights to perform a full backup only on Friday, and perform a “differential” backup on other days of the week in the evening. This backup plan, the six bands would require.

– A backup of the differential creates a backup of all the files created or modified since the last FULL backup.

– Restoring with differential backups is easy. You only need two bands. First the last full backup to restore. Then, restore the last backup of the differential.

A differential backup does not reset the archive attribute. The next time you run a differential backup, it will save all the files that have changed since the last full backup. So, each night, the differential backup will be larger until the next you perfrom a full backup.

If your company has a large amount of data, which are changed every day, it would be too much time, a differential backup every night and perform. In its place, you can perform a full backup Friday night and an “incremental” backup on other days of the week in the evening.

– Backup incremental saves only the files that have changed since the last full or backup incremental.

A backup incremental checks the archive attribute to determine if the file has changed and copies of security. Then, the file of the attribute. A backup incremental stays small because it includes only the files that have changed since the last full or backup incremental.

Recovery of backups incremental, over time. First the last full backup to restore. Then restore all the incremental backups since the full backup, in the order they were made. The only reason to use a backup of the incremental scheme is if differential backups become too large, need more than one Hand.

Many company networks continue to opperate on Saturday and even Sunday. In this case, you must make the necessary additional tapes to the plan.

If during the day your company a large volume of data, or a small amount of data, the waiting is critical to the creation, for the standard evening backup, you can perform a copy backup. To do this, just copy the selected files to a backup Medium.

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