Many have said that the technology in the script, what it is to be human. They say the people are hunters and gatherers and peaceful creatures of nature. They say the people is love and care and close social species with love for family and friends. We can see this in the great apes and our genetics are similar. If you believe in the theory of evolution or creationism is really irrelevant in the debate of whether humanity is destroyed by the modern advances in technology.


But the technology is really the reason for the decline in human behavior, wars or even the new anti-social norm amongst the many? Is the problem more with the family, the society, or is it actually a Problem of the promotion of the technologies. What is the technology, with the decline of ethics? Most of all the integrity factor in the majority of countries of the first world is not always of such a purported noble species. If you look at emerging countries, we do not see much better values missing, so that the whole of humanity seems to be everywhere, even where no technology exists.


If this is the case, then where is the argument against technology or the future advances in technology in trade for a better humanity? If the village can be traced back to the stone age, which, also, would be sticks and throws stones at the other, back stabbing their neighbors and fighting over tools that they made. They were some of the other steal the food in their gardens and raping their women, and, where the ethics of humanity without technology? There would be no difference?


Also, it seems to me, very few are honest here this present period, and no one seems to be living without hypocrisy, as they all seem to like the little lie they live? Who are you or I say or anyone for that matter to you, you are wrong? And the question remains, what to do, the technology with the decline of the human morality? What is the difference if one of the cave dwelling homo sapiens, steals you or a ghetto kid with a gun robs a liquor store? Or a person with an attorney lying about the reality, the truth and the distortion of the law and manipulate files a lawsuit and take your assets or wins some cash in a deal? Or a hacker steals your identity through technology, then wires it to another place faster than you can keep track of where the money went after his Bank account is sucked dry? Is it really the technology causing humans a problem or stifling our humanity or what it is to be human, in this case?


In addition to the technology is a good thing. And if we have the capacity, human societies and civilizations more productive through technology, then we should do it. To rationalize when we have the capacity, communication, distribution, transportation, education, language, cash flows or better our infrastructures, then it must be done, the efficiency effects, if nothing else. Then maybe people will be more time to think about your behaviour in the mirror and decide where you can improve changes in personal circumstances, themselves and the world around you, this technology is not a good thing, not bad. Think about this.

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