Let us know what is cloud computing and Pay-As-you-Go” (PAYG) models. First, let’s apportionment method of approach. In a few words, PAYG is a “utility” computing model that lets a user is required to pay on the basis of the incurred machine hours, or the amount of resources. This is a very interesting utility-computing model. Users pay based on their hours of use rather than the whole infrastructure or resources.


So, when it comes to low-cost and remember that, as it always does, it is an eternal need for companies to reduce a lot of entry fees and ongoing costs for the company, what they have is the billable hours for the services of a real, the whole infrastructure of the fleet of computing resources of the verses. What do you want to win? Of course, the “utility” or “on-demand” use wins hands down. A large capital expenditure, which is not very beneficial, if you know that the use of cloud services will give you the low-cost /low-entry-point. Therefore, you do not need a complete infrastructure to its purpose of use; you only need a demand Cloud solution, which will give you the great advantage of shortening the initial investment costs that are derived from the tradition-premise or in-house infrastructure.


Under this model, a dedicated server in the cloud – including software, storage and the development of platforms be it can always be made for the use and billing for you, after the use of server power and memory. This mechanism is called utility computing. PAYG is also known by other names, such as ” Pay-Per-use, Pay-Per-Use or Pay-As-you-Us.


You will discover the riches in the clouds


The next facet of this automated provisioning and deployment of IT and business services, is the phenomenon called Cloud computing. In the past, users only there was a way to run their applications or programs that, through the use of the services of the physical computers and servers on the premises of the organization. But now the things have changed radically for the better, because you can do it, without any extravagant infrastructure to run software applications. To perform all the tasks of calculating, from the distance, for pay-as-you-go style. Cloud computing allows you to access your information on the high-speed internet connectivity, in any place and at any time.


For the company and the consumer communities, in terms of innovation, mobile access, immense computing power, and the demand, supply, is very affordable and continue to be productive.


Some of the players in this space are:

  • Amazon EC2, Flexi scale, GoGrid, Joyent, AppNexeus RightScale, elastic server


Enterprise-Class Business Model, For All


A little more about cloud computing: Cloud Computing is a all including term that describes a wide range of computing services. As a matter of fact, as is the case with other critical improvements in technology, many vendors have made more than a start, the term “Cloud” to products outside of the basic definition. To understand, however, as the benefits that a company can bring, it is important to know what it really is, and their availability through the “as-a-service” – paradigm. Their virtual and “open” business architecture enables companies and the different stakeholders, such as business partners, to connect customers, etc., and in the cloud, to do business.


The Cloud is a comprehensive collection of services that allow organizations to choose the high level of flexibility, where, when and how the technology of Cloud-based solutions, generally referred to as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), public, private, or hybrid.


Now, let’s take a look at the cloud-the prices of the cloud to the offer. Cloud pricing is based on a fixed or subscription pricing model: in principle, a use of the rate, that allows customers to buy the organizations/subscribers for a fixed payout for a certain period of time, normally on a monthly or annual basis. In the IaaS, PaaS and models, however, a mixture of billing for the storage, the server type, CPU usage, etc. it offers, for example, pay-as-you-go monthly, quarterly and annual. In the Cloud, a new business model for their organization, and the competition will be postponed;-able to d’.


Environmentally Friendly: Go Green-Factor


Energy efficiency matters more. If it is an internally hosted service, or your request is outsourced to third party providers of cloud services can be more efficient for the company. With cloud computing, you can be sure that you costs, save energy and contribute to a healthier planet for the smallest carbon footprint.


Moving to the cloud is not only a selfish act. The creation of sustainable solutions to ensure that our planet a little love too.


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